Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews:

This is a humorous and informative documentary. The beginning takes on the claims made against McDonalds in the movie “Super Size Me.” I was concerned at first that they were trying to say McDonalds is a healthy meal. Instead, they are trying to show you that what everyone believes to be true about nutrition, rarely is true and that the principle enemy in the fight for good health information is the US Government. I highly recommend this movie!

“The Gerson Miracle”
Good film, but to me seemed to cross a bit into almost a religious type trance. If I had cancer, I would definitely get on the program, but I also feel there are other similar and more complete diets that work just as effectively. But, I’m also not going to argue with their success. It is also interesting that the attempts to suppress this information date back to the 1940s. Think of the millions who have unnecessarily died from cancer from that date because the US Government and Big Pharma have done everything possible to keep you from it.

“Lorenzo’s Oil … first, do no harm”
These movies have similar themes, in both a child is stricken with a serious disease and their doctors are unable to effectively treat them. The parents get involved seeking their own paths and in both, they are found. I find the reaction of the medical community and in the case of Lorenzo’s Oil, the support group parents, very realistic. “We aren’t interested. We don’t want to know. Even going so far as to block any attempt made by the parent’s to heal their children. It reminds me of what one doctor who cured himself of cancer said to me, “Doctors are uninterested in alternative approaches until it happens to either them or one of their family. They see the positive results and become a convert.” Highly Recommended.

“Food Matters”
This is an absolutely excellent film. Even though it didn”t present any information of which I wasn”t already familiar, I still sat watching with my jaw on the floor as they showed pictures and told stories of people reversing a multitude of ailments through diet alone including cancer. Highly Recommended.

“King Corn”
A fun and educational adventure as two college students track the growing of their own crop of corn to its ultimate destinations. At times humorous and often disturbing, this documentary will make you quickly throw out all items in your kitchen containing corn and corn by-products. Also, you can’t help but re-think eating beef from your market. Recommended.
Outstanding documentary about famed doctor Stanislaw Burzynski, founder of antineoplaston therapy for treating cancer. If you’ve ever wondered who is really behind a lack of cures in medicine these last 60 years this movie will show you. Not only has the FDA and the American Cancer Society done everything possible to suppressed this treatment, the US government has tried to jail Dr. Burzynski (unsuccessfully) on charges that cannot even be fully defined. Highly Recommended.

“A Beautiful Truth”
Follow a home school project for a young Alaskan boy as he seeks a path to better health. This documentary delves deeply into Gerson Therapy and its successes with a wide range of ailments including cancer. Again, the medical community’s and the US government’s attempts to suppress this information. Highly Recommended.

“Pink Ribbons, Inc.”
Only a fair movie. Seems to be more concerned with where cancer research money comes from than that the same groups (e.g. US Government, Big Pharma, and Cancer Foundations such as Susan G. Koman) which receive that money, know full well that cancer cures and prevention protocols exist which can eliminate breast cancer and yet they do everything possible to suppress that information. I would think that would be the bigger issue. But then, I didn’t make the movie.

“Fat, Sick and almost Dead”
Very good movie, very inspiring. It follows an Australian man in his early 40s as he takes control of his health and starts a vegetable juicing fast. He travels around the United States talking to Americans about their diet. He quickly loses the weight, feels better and inspires others, including a very overweight truck driver from Iowa. I don’t agree with all of the conclusions and paths laid out by Dr. Furhman, but I feel the movie is worth a look.

“Hungry For Change”
Excellent film from the people at “Food Matters.” A continuation of the first movie, which I think is more informative than this one.